21 Nov 2013

review: introducting Katie Leamon

If you've never heard of Katie Leamon - don't worry. By the end of this blog post, you'll hopefully have heard of them and seen some gorgeous bits and pieces they have to offer. 

Katie Leamon are a greeting card and stationery brand but what sets them apart from other brands offering these products is the fact that their stuff is very pretty and I'm sure will be appealing to many of you (especially if your tastes are anything like mine). 

Georgia, from Katie Leamon, kindly sent me a small selection of the products they have to offer and it came packaged like this:

The (very cute) striped string is a lovely touch and the included products look like they were designed especially for my tastes (they weren't - in case you were wondering ;) ).

First up, I thought I'd start with the greeting cards. I was sent two:


I definitely prefer the second 'You're lovely' card but that may be because I'm biased towards handwritten block letters. The quality of the printing on the front is very good and when you turn over and see the Katie Leamon stamp (no picture of this unfortunately), you can definitely tell that it is handprinted as it is slightly wonky on the first 'J'adore, amore, love' card.

Next up are the gift tags. They also feature the striped string but instead of being red and white, they have burgundy/brown and white stripes.

The tags are ten centimetres in height and 4.9cm wide. The prints are appealing too and when you turn them over...

They have a 'to' and 'from' section. The tags are made of thick card (the website says they are made from 350gsm ivory card).

Finally, a notepad:

Due to its size, this notepad is designed more to sit on a desk at home than something you would slip in your handbag and take out with you on a daily basis. It measures 22.7cm in height and 10.1cm in width. There are 100 pages in this notepad and the paper is ridiculously thick for a notepad (120gsm!).

With regards to the design of the notepad, I love the pink and white/cream stripes and also the design of the 'notes' section at the top. This is definitely one product that I think looks too pretty to use!

Overall, the products are high quality and are definitely geared more towards the female market. They would be great for personal use and would also make great gifts (stocking fillers, anyone?). Another thing is that the products have a premium appeal to them but they don't come with a premium price tag and are actually very reasonably priced.

Katie Leamon also offer notebooks but I can't comment on them as I've not seen one in person. From the greeting card, tags and notepad points of view, the products are unique and would make a lovely gift for someone who is into pretty stationery and things that have a tinge of vintage about them.

Thank you again to Georgia and Katie Leamon for sending me these products to review. This is one brand I will be hunting down in London as there are another few bits and pieces I want to purchase from the range.

NB: Although these products were supplied as samples, it has not affected my opinion in any way. Also, I don't receive commission from any links from this blog post.


  1. I can confirm the notebooks are lovely! I got one a few weeks back in a goody bag :)

  2. Ooooh, these are right up my alley. I wish they sold stuff like this in the states. I don't really feel like paying so much to get them shipped. They're very lovely though.

    1. Hi Christine,

      We are glad you like our products. We're actually currently stocked in Grace & Favor, (New York,) if you contact them they may be able to deliver to you! x