1 Dec 2013

my week #85

Just over a week until exams, eek! My revision plan is already drawn up (done weeks' ago) and now my life officially consists of medicine and netball. Not much different to how it was pre-revision anyway...

A bit of drama to end the week with: on Saturday, I spent the night at my local Accident and Emergency department as a girl on the opposing netball team (in that morning's match) decided it would be a good idea to deliberately stick her leg out while I was running at full speed (and without being boastful, my full speed is pretty fast...) so I ended up 'flying' for a few seconds. This resulted in bruised and sore elbows, hands and knees. My left knee was so swollen and painful that my mum took me to A&E to get it checked out.

Luckily, nothing was fractured and the nurse said that there is only a 'soft tissue injury' and just to rest it for a week or so. 

Having woke up in agony this morning (elbows and knees mainly) and still struggling to walk properly, I'm relatively annoyed at the girl who did this as none of this was my fault. Furthermore, the match was one of the dirtiest I have ever played in and some of the stuff they did was just dangerous (like sticking knees and legs out when people are running...). 

If you thought netball was a non-contact sport, I hope I've changed your opinion as I never come away from a match without at least a bruise or a scratch!

Anyway, enough of the ranting...

And as it is the first of December - pinch punch, first of the month!

How was your week?


  1. I'm convinced that netball is one of the most aggressive sports there is. I know it's supposedly non-contact but the players can get so bitchy and sometimes make it physical. It's supposed to be played for fun and fitness, not life or death! I hope your knee is starting to feel better now.

  2. Oh gosh that's just awful! Was it because you had the ball at the time that the girl tripped you? Sigh. I hope your recovery goes well an you feel better asap! Praying for you m'dear.
    Also hope the revision is going well for you! You'll kill those exams for sure!