5 Dec 2013

my november review

It feels like that all of these posts are about my studies, but to be fair, studying is my life at the moment. They say that the first year of this course is the worst and they really aren't lying so far.

This month's essentials:


I tend to use flashcards to remember things that are a bit harder to memorise. Making them can be time consuming and I usually prefer to write out my notes, rather than condense them into flashcards. So far, I have made cards for the clinical skills side of the course:

And I also cheated by buying some anatomy flashcards (best £20 spent ever):


Earlier this month, I got my hands on the new iPad Air. It has proved invaluable as iBooks holds a few of my essential textbooks and the apps you can get for medical students are just amazing. It isn't half bad as an entertainment source either...


Finally, these two items are permanently on my desk at the moment:

MT washi tape (the thin one) and a Muji pot of (mostly) Muji gel pens. All for prettying up my revision notes of course...

Now that December is here, I anticipate a month full of Christmas-related cheer (hello Christmas songs, mince pies and thick-knit jumpers and scarves!).


  1. I wish I was studying a subject I could make flashcards for, yours look so pretty, but alas- Creative Writing rarely gives me the opportunity!
    Imogen's Typewriter. <3

  2. I wish I could go back in time and be as organised as I am now while I was at uni!


  3. Gorgeous post! Have you ever made a post on study techniques? Id be interested to read about how you stay motivated and make studying more bearable!