12 Dec 2013

my studying necessities

Today, I am going to share the things I need or prefer to have around me when studying. To me, I need the perfect food, drink and environment, as well as stationery and the right frame of mind.


I need colour, and loads of it:

And I also need items that aid productivity: tipp-ex mouse, post-it notes and washi tape...


I'm constantly guzzling water when I work as the toilet breaks help me clear my head and allow me to get up for a little bit of a walk. Of course, I'm careful not to drink too much in one go - I know that too much water can be lethal!

Goal Setting

I have a maximum of three sticky notes on my desk at one time. Usually, they have my goals on them and I tick them off as I go along.

My Desk

Apologies for the appalling picture quality but it was the best I could do in low light. My desk looks like this during revision periods:

I try and keep it as minimalistic as possible but of course, sometimes, I am a bit lazy and there is some paper build-up!

With studying, I definitely believe that having a tranquil environment combined with the right frame of mind is the way to go. Add in some goal setting and you have a winning formula. Sometimes, my goals are small ones, like 'define physiological' or something 'silly' but crossing them off is really satisfying and motivates me to keep working at the other goals I have set myself for that studying session.

What are your studying necessities?


  1. Is it odd to favor your water cup? It reminds of me a beaker!

    My studying necessities are similar but I opt for tea and/or coffee with a bottled water and some snacks to go with my colored pens, post-its & correction tape. I used to have all my goals on a dry-erase board but I haven't used it much lately.

  2. Loveeeee your water cup. Also adore how neat and simplistic everything is kept on your desk whilst studying. For me, things sometimes start to get a little bit chaotic and messy and as soon as the mess starts, I simply cannot keep studying. I can't study in mess. Nah uh.

    Do you have any music playing while you study? Like relaxing/classical? I sometimes need it and sometimes don't myself.

    100% agree about the goals. You need to feel like you're getting somewhere, and if you make your goals too large, you just feel depressed even if you actually did managed to accomplishheaps of little things that day.