15 Dec 2013

my week #87

This was my last week of the first term and boy, am I happy about that. I had two exams and the beginning of the week was filled with revision; with the end filled with a massive to-do list of life admin. 

How has your week been?

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  1. Hi Angela, I'm a new follower to your blog and you've inspired me to break out my years old Breast Cancer support pocket filofax. I now completely understand what you mean when you say pretty and good (they aren't mutually exclusive, I find!) stationery helps you to stay on top of things!

    What I wanted to ask was whether you rely solely on your(gorgeous) organiser or if you also use your iPhone to complement it? I have trouble remembering what to do and when, and although I've broken my filo out and refilled it, I'm still new to it.

    Are there any apps you use or have heard about that would help? I'm currently using Google Keep and Todoist. The latter has a really pretty UI and is really easy to use. :) Thanks Angela, and I look forward to your next post! ;) x