27 Feb 2014

finds for the home - from Hong Kong!

My room was decorated last year, shortly after moving into this house and I've not really made it 'me' yet. Therefore, I bought quite a few items during my Hong Kong trip to try and make it more cozy and lived in. 

On my first day in HK, I saw these money boxes and plushies. I bought one of each so that my sister and I each get a pair. In the background, you can see some A4 folders, my Kindle in its Cath Kidston case and my handbag.

The money box is small and looks super cute on my bookshelf. However, I had a shock when I figured out how to open it to get the money out - you have to twist its head and pull!

Here is a photo of the plushies (along with a chick one) hanging on my wardrobe door:

In the past, I've never bothered with duty free shopping but this time, I found that the perfume deals were just too good to leave behind. My current bottle of Chloe has barely any left and when I received a free sample of Flowerbomb by Viktor and Rolf last year, I knew I had to invest in this perfume in the near future.

I love the bottles as they are quite feminine and will look great on my shelf with my other perfumes.

Whilst shopping in the market at Mong Kok, I came across this pair of Rilakkuma slippers, and well... I found it hard to not buy myself a pair. They were about £6 and fit perfectly. With HK houses severely lacking in central heating or heating of any kind, these slippers kept my feet nice and toasty when we were at home.

At the same market, I came across these cushions. A touch of youthfulness through these cushions is just what my room needed and I am glad I bought these (even if packing them in my suitcase was a job and a half due to the amount of space they took up!).

In a department store, I found these giant peas in a pod. $599 equates to just under £50 but they were huge. I decided not to buy them but I thought I would share this picture of them anyway as it kind of shows what HK people are into.

My mum bought some baking utensils while we were in HK too, and I am quite excited to see what baked goods she comes up with.

Overall, HK is a great place to get stuff for the home; provided your suitcase has the room to carry them home! If you love cute things, a great place to shop would be Mong Kok in and around the stores and market stalls near Fa Yuen Street and Ladies' Market. However, the markets in Mong Kok have put up their prices a lot since my last visit (I know inflation exists but some of the prices were outrageous compared to four years' ago) and I've been informed that Temple Street market might be a better bet if you want to pay rock bottom prices for cute things. Furthermore, you can get your fortune read there too (something I didn't have time to do unfortunately)!


  1. Ah I really need to visit Hong Kong! Everything always looks amazing.

  2. God I love it all!
    Wish I could decorate my room more but it's just too small ha!

  3. omggg i love your moneybank!! where in hk did u get it?

    1. Hi! I bought it from one of those random shops that sell cute merchandise. I bought the last one from the shop I got it from but you can probably find it in a stationery shop or a small boutique down a side street :) x