2 Mar 2014

my week #98

Exhausted is one word for how I'm feeling right now. This week has been insanely hectic! Last week, it was half term so my daily bus trip to and from university was extremely pleasant and quick but this week, with all of the kids returning to school, my journey time has increased along with my morning and evening stress levels. Let's just say that a rowdy bus full of teenage school children isn't the best start to my day (I'm not exactly chirpy first thing in the morning as it is!).

Exams are about three weeks' away so my revision has already started. An official revision timetable is still a work in progress as I'm just revising things as and when I have the time and energy. I've also started revising clinical stuff whilst in the shower - so I'll go through a clinical exam or an area of communication, from memory, whilst in the shower. This allows me to see where the holes in my knowledge are and then hopefully, remember these little bits next time!

Basically, exam and study stress + schoolchildren stress = not a brilliant combination. However, I have survived six months already and there is only four more months to go before I get a nice summer break of four weeks!

How has your week been?

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  1. Your week sounds so stressful - good luck with your exams!

    It's funny because I just posted about my week. Had its ups and downs, definitely. Not that bad, in the end. :-)