6 Mar 2014

Hong Kong - the home of cute food

A few weeks' ago, I posted about some cute confectionary I found in Hong Kong. Here is a closer look at the cute packaging.

I just love how much detail goes into the design of sweets and how cute they can make it all look. You can definitely see who they are targeting with designs like these and to be fair, although I don't think I'm the target market, I was enticed by them all the same!

They are so cute that I make an effort to open the packaging as carefully as possible so that I can keep it intact!

Not only do they have Pocky in interesting flavours, they also have Rilakkuma biscuit sticks. The packaging celebrates the ten year anniversary and is so cute that I don't really want to open them up and ruin it!

And the other side:

A super cute drink's bottle label thing:

And the bottles themselves - they are quite small in size (320ml!) and come in a variety of flavours including strawberry, lychee, peach, orange, etc. They all have jelly pieces in them so the subtext really is true - you really do have to chew!

The cute packaging seen on the Puccho earlier in this post weren't the only chewy sweets to have cute characters on them. These Hi-Chew sweets had a cute chick on them:

Seeing packaging like this makes me wish that sweets in the UK had characters like these on. Moshi monsters (?! Shows just how out of touch I am with UK cartoon characters!) and the like just aren't the same...


  1. Oh my Gosh! I love MOGU MOGU!! THOSE drinks are soo addictive with the coconut inside? I know one place about 45 minutes from where I live that actually sells them. I go to that place at least once a month for that, stationery and much more! I love finding new things to drink - I like Mogu Mogu and the Aloe Vera drinks.

  2. *grabby hands* I want it all! I've never tried any of these! Although last time I was in my local Chinese supermarket I got these biscuit round wafer type things with peanut butter in the middle. So good!
    Imogen's Typewriter. <3