5 Jun 2014

my evolving weeks

I've been posting my weekly pages for over two years now so I thought I'd look back on how my weeks have changed since I first started.

First up: week 5! Personally, I think it looks quite messy and unstructured. It makes sense, because, at the time, I was writing my dissertation so my days were spent reading papers, typing up things I'd read and procrastinating.

Week 33 is up next. The level of creativity has increased but again, the weeks are bare as I was recovering from a major surgery at the time.

Week 54. I think this week is one of my favourites. It's a bit more organised and structured. My handwriting has also decreased in size - probably a good idea considering how small the spaces are for each day.

Week 82 was two months into medschool. The days are filled with uni-related stuff and the number of to-dos have decreased substantially. I think I had been using a Squid List, slotted in between each week.

Week 94. A change in inserts meant I had to change how I utilised the space available - Filofax WO2P inserts are not generous when it comes to the weekend! I've been more creative with my pen here and it seems my use of stickers has decreased.

Week 105. Sticky tabs were my current obsession here! It's a lot plainer and although there is still plenty of colour and stickers to complement the text, I've tried to use my pen to decorate rather than other extra little bits.

Have you ever looked back at your weeks to see how you've changed, or how your life has changed? I love flicking through my old diaries, and even journals, to see how my life has altered and how I have matured over the years. Sometimes, I even cringe at some of the things I read!


  1. I love looking back in my old journals or calendars. Especially the ones from my teens, where I went absolutely crazy with decorating all the pages with drawings and quotes and things I cut out of magazines.

    Your pages look super pretty, as always (:

  2. I agree with the weekend spaces. Too small. I find I have to use alot of colour to get my ideas and going-on's in there. I have 30 years of journals tucked away and I love looking back on them. However I also really like seeing others and their creative pages. Thanks for sharing your.


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  4. Hi! I adore your blog! I've been completely taken with Filofax and bought my own planner recently. Eagerly anticipating its arrival!

    I just posted my first 'My Week' entry and had a few questions for you. How did you size your journal posts on your blog? Mine seems to be a bit smaller than yours. I also had some trouble taking an actual picture of the journal. What do you use to take a picture of your journal?

    Also, do you have any tips or suggestions for posting good 'My Week' entries?

    Thanks in advance!

  5. Hi Angela,

    I'm new to your blog and I must say that I love how you create and organize your weekly schedule, it kind of makes me want to ditch my phone calendar and go old school again.

    I also like the way you organize your medical school notes. I'm still trying to figure how I should organize my notes for different classes in pharmacy school. >.<

    I usually takes note on my computer but I think I might try writing my lecture notes on paper for this coming year since it does stick better. Only thing I am worried about is how time consuming it is going to be.

    But anyways I love your blog and I hope to see many more organization ideas!

    ~ Nora