21 Sept 2014

my week #127

So far this academic year, the workload has been significantly less than last year and I'm finding myself with more spare time. As a result, I'm not quite sure what to do with myself once I've got all my work done! The result are some planner pages that are filled with empty white spaces.

How has your week been?


  1. As a dental student I really have a lot of trouble organizing my stuff, I never made an effort to use my organizer like you do! Everything is so neat! You're a great inspiration, keep it comin' hon!
    xoxo, Elif


  2. HOW DID I FIND YOUR BLOG ONLY NOW???? Your stationary styling really put a smile on my face. I share a love for stickers and notebooks and paper, and I must say that your planner gives me so much inspiration. May go crazy on the stationary shopping in my upcoming Hk trip.....