11 Sept 2014

an updated Smythson binder tour

Now that I'm properly back in my Smythson, I thought I'd walk you all through the set-up with an explanation for each section. It's not much different from the last post about it but I'm focussing more on the pages towards the back in this post (whereas in the previous one, I focussed more on the pages towards the front).

At the front is the quote page shown in the previous post. I found it through a Google search but it says 'designed by Francesca Ramos 2010' at the bottom so all credit to her for making it. There are also page markers on the flyleaf.

I'm still using the Filofax white week-on-two-page layout. I'm still debating if I want to continue using it this academic year but seeing as the year has already started, I don't think I'll be moving to another planner anytime soon.

Once the planner pages end, I have another page of quotes from Leonie Wise - again found on Google images. I love these inspiring quote pages as all too often, being the workaholic that I am, I find myself not allowing enough time to relax or unwind at the end of the day. These quotes give me a few minutes to read through them and just not think about work for that time.

Now, onto the bulk at the back. I have a post-it note with ingredients for a fruit cobbler which I want to make sometime during this summer.

To-do lists are all over the place and I should've made a better effort to ensure that they were separated into categories rather than mix them up. On the above pages, there are films I want to see, beauty products I want to buy and try, thing I want to bake, places I want to eat at and also things I need to study. Having written these things down myself, I know exactly where to find what to-do (my memory is pretty decent which can be a bit of a hindrance sometimes).

I make quite a few notes but the notes I will be showing you seem to be more lists.

There is a list of books I want to read at some point...

And a list of all the restaurants I've been to in the last two years. I'm trying to reach 100 before the end of this year and I think it is safe to say I won't get there as I've only eaten at 54 in 104 weeks. I don't even want to consider how much money I've frittered away on dining out...

And finally, at the back is the return of my clear pocket which has pictures of sentimental value. In the secretarial pocket, there are some stickers that I use to mark things on my weekly pages.

For 2015, I may well be in a different planner - with The Planner by Seeso being the most likely one. However, I still have a few other options to peruse so we'll see...


  1. I wanted to ask how you printed out and hole punched the quotes, I bought an organiser for myself and have a few quotes in mind!

  2. This is such a pretty binder and I love your handwriting. So neat.

  3. I just love seeing inside your diary!!! <3 it is always so beautiful!! :)

  4. A couple of things: 1. I decided to buy the Bond St. organizer instead of the Bijou one after reading your posts. Thank you! They have the red on sale on Smythson.com and I think it was a good deal. 2. Do the Smythson diary refills start in Oct./Nov. or from January? I'm debating if I need to get a 2014 insert to tide me over until the New Year. Thanks again for all your lovely reviews!

  5. What a lovely idea to add in pages of quotes….we all need a little inspiration at times :-) xx

  6. I'm so thrilled that you are sharing the manifesto I made... that's exactly what I created it for.

    And your planner is gorgeous.

  7. your planner is lovely! i've always been a fan of the bullet journal, but with the filofax work i've seen from you and xo-lovelee, i'm thinking about giving filofax a try! thank you for sharing your beautiful work♥

     xoxo, hadley.

    the study cafe