18 Sept 2014

my work area - revamped and revisited

I've showed off my desk during the revision period before exams and I've found that with the addition of my iPad, my desk is organised differently now. For the new university year, I've done a few tweaks to try and maximise productivity and here they are.

So the desk still looks similar - quite minimalistic but the iPad is propped up so I can watch a bit of Netflix when I need a break. It is also at the ideal angle for me to scroll through textbooks for reference or use an anatomy app to visualise a nerve or muscle. In the above picture, I was watching a guilt-free episode of Black Books :)

Above my desk is a pinboard where I've pinned up things from university (such as a list of the Top 100 drugs I need to know), inspiring quotes and also cute labels or cards from friends and family. I also have a picture up of my second cousin who I spent a summer looking after when I was 16 - she's now nine years old!

To the right of the desk is my other Expedit. There is a free shelf, ready to hold folders of notes and textbooks, and also space for notes that need filing away (bottom left shelf with the mini-shelf in it).

I like how much more zen this set-up feels but I still have a way to go as the bookshelf is still more cluttered than I would like it to be.

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  1. Looks like a great workspace - I have my Nexus propped up usually with a film/program on it to help with background noise :3 I really love the expedit shelf!