23 Sept 2014

new additions from the journal shop

Can you believe this order is my first from The Journal Shop? I was after a thickish A6 notebook that I could carry around while on placement so I could jot down things that require looking up when I have a free moment or things that are of interest to me. At the same time, I also wanted to try out some products from Iconic: a Korean stationery brand with a range of beautiful products. 

My order consisted of an A6 Iconic notebook, a set of three Iconic double-ended pens, Midori turtle clips and a roll of Midori stickers (useful for marking out where each 'chapter' of my university notebook starts). 

The pens are cute in design and are fine-nibbed at 0.4mm. The colours aren't the prettiest (red, blue, green, brown, black and orange) but I like them because these are more 'professional' colours and would be useful for colour coding notes on placement. They write well and the flow is decent but I have to admit that these pens are more style than substance. However, there isn't really a benchmark for double ended pens like these in the UK so it's hard to comment objectively on the quality.

The Midori stickers are circular, patterned and about 2.5cm in diameter each - so pretty big! They are versatile and could be used for a variety of things, such as gift-wrap, craft projects or just labelling things as each pattern is repeated numerous times throughout the roll.

The Midori turtle clips are made of a plastic material and can hold about 5-6 sheets each. This is perfect for notes that need to be held together temporarily as staples leave awkward holes when removed. The range of colours used for the clips are lovely and I love how cute they are. I'd be careful of overloading the clips though as they can be quite stiff and, in my opinion, easily broken if you try and fit a few too many sheets in.

Iconic are a brand synonymous with minimalistic, yet pretty, stationery. This A6 notebook comes in a variety of colours and I chose the pastel pink one. On the outside, I love the gold embossed lettering. Inside, there are pages with a variety of layouts and I particularly like the fact that most of the double page spreads feature a plain page on the left and a lined page on the right because this lends itself perfectly to the potential medical notes that I will take. I can draw a picture of something anatomical or in a diagram format before annotating that with notes on the right - perfect!

Overall, I am happy with these products because they will come in useful in the next academic year and that is why I bought them. However, these products, and other similar ones, can be found for a cheaper price on other sites if you know where to look and are willing to wait patiently for delivery (namely, online stores that are based in Hong Kong) and I think that is why I've not ordered from The Journal Shop before. That, and the fact that I have an affinity for anything Hong Kong-related due to my heritage.

NB: All products were paid for using my own money in this blog post.


  1. Love everything you bought! Making a Journal Shop order as I write this, I'm in awe!!


  2. Such lovely supplies!
    Do you have rec's for Asian etailers? (I'm not in the UK, so no journalshop for me.) Ta!

    1. Hiya, The Journal Shop also ship worldwide as far as I know :) x

  3. Have now bookmarked the Journal Shop! So many pretty things :) Xx

  4. Those paper clips are so adorable.


  5. Ah, I love everything! I need some cute stationery like this...

  6. Hello! Coming to your blog for the first time today and I'm already loving the first few posts! The stationery you have featured here is just adorable. Looking for some really inspirational stationery items for my new office and these are now going to be on the list! xx

  7. oh my god it's going to take me ages to go through all their stock!! -@papertraildiary