28 Apr 2015

my revision for exams

With my exams now being an imminent event (yikes, where did the time go?!), I thought that it would now be appropriate for this post to make an appearance. This post has been scheduled in advance so I can optimise my revision time so I apologise for any mistakes (grammatical, spelling or otherwise) that may be present.

In this post, I will be showing you the tools I use for revision.


Firstly, the most important bit if you're a stationery fiend like myself: the tools. I like to have loads of A4 plain paper present (sometimes I prefer ruled paper, it depends on my mood), my planner so I can refer to a section in the back that has a list of topics I've noted that need some extra attention, a whole lot of pens and my notebook where I've done my learning objectives for the whole year in (the teal Leuchtturm 1917 one on the right in the second picture).

Consolidating Information

I like to put everything relating to a certain topic on one side of A4 and this means a whole lot of condensing and consolidation (using the word 'consolidation' kind of feels like revision as it is something that may be seen on a chest X-ray... /geekiness).

This year, I've done it so that there is one condition per page and I've even used coloured sheets. They aren't colour coded (as I feel that having asthma and COPD in the same colour may confuse my brain as they are quite similar in treatment, but also quite different!) but I do use sticky flags as you can see in the picture below.

I also like to draw up tables and diagrams and this helps my memory recall, especially in exams. My brain much prefers pictures to text when it comes to studying so mind maps, drawings and flow charts do help me a great deal here.

Flashcards Are For The Strong

I love flashcards. There, I said it. Anything that simplifies information and makes it easier to take in is a God-send in my eyes. This year, I've decreased the number of colours used on them and have stuck to a safer colour scheme of blue, green and pink.

So, back to revision for me now and I hope you've enjoyed this little glimpse into the things that make up my revision sessions. As for the revision itself... Well, procrastination is a distracting thing, isn't it? But through sheer self-discipline, I've managed to minimalise the amount of time spent not revising (though I'm still not perfect but who is?). 


  1. Good luck with your exams. Given your attention to detail with all your notes I'm sure you will get through them with flying colours.

    1. Thanks Steve - all done now and results are released on Wednesday. Fingers crossed for a good result...!

  2. Good luck with your exams! I've got my A-levels soon so I'm knuckling down with revision too, surfacing only briefly to read a couple of blog posts!
    Olivia xxx

  3. Good luck! The world needs more doctors like you.

  4. Good luck! The world needs more doctors like you.