9 Apr 2015

how my acrylic box is organised

Last year, I did a blog post for Ryman's about preparing for a new academic year with new additions and one of the things I did was to try and have a tidier work area. To do this, I've utilised a clear acrylic box and today, I want to share its contents which definitely need some re-organisation. :)

I'm a huge fan of acrylic boxes as I do think they look minimalistic and chic at the same time. They add that little something without being over the top and they are also very useful for those who have a lot of stationery they need nearby.

As the drawers are by my desk, I try and fill them with things I will use on a regular basis. The clear acrylic material means that I can see exactly what each drawer's contents are but it also means I can't just stuff it full with no regard for how it looks.

In the top drawer, I have some Avery note tabs, Post-it sticky flags, Rilakkuma sticky flags, some A6 note pages, Martha Stewart x Avery x Staples post-it notes and a few Iconic double-ended pens.

The middle drawer holds some more sticky notes and sticky flags, a pocket highlighter, a seemingly dirty cable tie and a few pens (a Uni-ball rollerball, Pilot Frixion Clicker and a pen for my transparent sticky notes).

Finally, the bottom drawer holds some more sticky flags and sticky notes, a roller tip-ex, an eraser and some Midori duck paper clips.

The contents in each drawer do seem quite random and I'm in the process of trying to organise them in a better way, whilst still fitting everything in so that it doesn't look too messy. It's almost like a real-life jigsaw puzzle!


  1. Where do you get your stickers from?
    I love your blog, btw!

    1. Hi! What do you mean? There aren't any stickers in this blog post? :) and thank you! :) x