21 Apr 2015

my favourite notebooks

I am, by no means, a notebook connoisseur but I do like to have pretty (and functional) notebooks sat on my bookshelf. This means I have built up quite a collection over the years (some still waiting to be used!) and today, I thought I'd share my favourite ones. Whittling my favourites down to a pile of ten, I then further narrowed it down to five as, well, ten is just a bit ridiculous. 

Here are my five and why they make the shortlist.

From top to bottom: Pantone Journal, a Daycraft Signature notebook in pink, an Iconic Journal book, a Leuchtturm1917 A5 journal in aqua blue and a Martha Stewart x Avery x Staples Shagreen journal.
Most of my notebooks are used for medschool or journalling purposes so I need the paper to be of a decent quality because the pens I use are quite inky, especially with my new found love of fountain pens (more on that soon on the blog!). I also prefer a narrower rule and a cute design and colour scheme are also ways to win me over.

Aesthetically, it was pretty much love at first sight with these notebooks and the quality of the paper within them were the icing on their respective cakes. Plus, they all have a narrow rule and possess more than enough pages (and therefore space) for my vast ramblings or medschool notes.

You may recognise a variant of the Leuchtturm 1971 notebook in that I've used a turquoise one for some of my revision notes already and I'm ready to crack open this aqua one for the same purpose, but for different notes. I've not taken an individual picture of the Iconic journal because I totally fangirled over them in a post I did a few months' ago! The Daycraft one was mentioned a few years' ago (has it really been that long since I acquired them?!) and it is currently used to plan blog posts in and I gushed about the Pantone one two years' ago too but I've still yet to find a use for it (the layout inside is just too ideal - I'm thinking of using it as a place to write notes on prescribing?).

What are your top five notebooks? Do you have a favourite that you think I may have completely overlooked? :)


  1. I have the version of the Pantone notebook with the different swatches on the cover - while it's such a cute idea I agree that the pages aren't very ideal to write in! I've always liked using sketchbooks as notebooks haha, especially the Canson 5.5" x 8.5" one. It's the perfect size for carrying around, nice thick pages, and unlined since I like doodling or sketching things out in it as well :P

    becky ♡ star violet

    1. Hi Becky, the Pantone notebook is ideal for note taking in lectures due to the space at the bottom which can be used for summarising :) x

  2. These notebooks are beautiful!

    I've been ghosting over this blog for awhile, and even though I'm not an online shopper and can't buy stationary online your blog really helps me stay organized.

    - b