30 Apr 2015

year two, term two favourites and essentials

This term has been work-filled and with no break since Christmas, I'm definitely feeling the pinch. Good job exams will be over in just over two weeks and then I'll get a few weeks' off to recuperate! Anyway, onto this term's essentials and favourites...


Stationery-wise, I've been using a Leuchtturm 1917 notebook for my revision notes and it is now filled to the brim; so much so I now have some overflow revision notes on loose A4 sheets of ruled paper. Alongside this notebook, I've used Post-It page markers, post-it notes and a to-do list from Katie Leamon (I couldn't find the exact same one for sale online, sorry!). In terms of pens, I used a lot of colour: Zebra Mildliners to highlight things, Pilot Juice gel pens, Muji gel pens and a Pilot Kakuno fountain pen. Poking out of the top of my Leuchtturm notebook, you can see an Avery tab - a number of these were used this term.


At the beginning of term, I purchased this fox jumper from the January sales. I had some vouchers to use and the total cost of the jumper came to just over £5! Definitely a purchase I don't regret and I've been teaming it with a white sleeveless shirt just so I can have a collar poking out at the top.

For those of you on Instagram, you may have seen that my sister and I swapped perfumes and in return for Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs, I gave her Gucci Guilty Black (which I had received as a gift and never used). Daisy Dream has been my go-to perfume this term and I love how light, feminine and youthful it is. The bottle looks pretty cute too.

For health reasons, my diet has changed dramatically and gluten-free was one of the things recommended by the doctor. It has done wonders for me (for example, the fatigue has disappeared and the bloating has gone - both positive things!) but it has meant seeking out gluten-free snacks has been a massive headache. I have a few Coeliac friends and they've given me recommendations but my personal favourites to snack on are: Dove's Farm Gluten Free Chocolate Stars and Lazy Day Foods' Millionaire's Shortbread. Neither are cheap so are only occasional treats. I've also started baking my own bread with the aid of a bread maker (all of my tip money from my summer job went on that machine... gulp! But I'm happy to say that it has been worth it.) and also my own cakes. A gluten free lemon drizzle now my signature bake!

Next term will be spent doing a research project so it'll be interesting to see what my favourites and essentials are in the next instalment in this series of posts :)

What were your favourites and essentials for the past four months?


  1. Love this post! The Leuchtturm notebook is absolutely gorgeous and your fox jumper is absolutely adorable, especially with the collar poking out. :)

    Smile always,

  2. Hi, could you, please, share on what pages you do the surveys? The ones that I found are ridiculous... I could really use some financial/vouchers help, even a little bit...

    1. Hi Inka,

      Unfortunately, the ones I am a part of are invite-only and I'm not 100% sure I'm allowed to name drop them (Terms and Conditions). Money Saving Expert are a decent place to start looking for good survey sites though :) Hope this helps! x