16 Apr 2015

how my planner is personalised

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Today, I'm going to show how I've personalised my current planner :) This post is more pictorial due to some exams that are coming up in a few weeks but I still hope you enjoy it :)

Washi Tape

I write on these with either Staedtler Lumocolor pens in a superfine nib or a fine Sharpie. Washi tape is super useful for highlighting important events, or not so important ones if you look in the example below! I do like how tape can break up text and add a bit of colour without being too bright or overwhelming on the eyes.


Another thing I like doing is adding in some shadowing or shading.

Little accents

Lines on either side of a title are something I probably use too much if you look back at my weeks!

Random stickers

Because, why not? (Life's too short to be too serious!)

Again, apologies for such a brief post with little substance but exams are a bit more important than blogging at the moment! :)


  1. Can I ask if there's a certain app you use to blur your personal stuff?

  2. totally love the sticker use and washi tape!! do you put time aside to decorate your agenda?

    1. Hi Chantelle, I just add in the odd piece of tape or the odd sticker when I feel like it :) I don't set time aside for it :) x

  3. Love your style! x