19 Aug 2015

a peek at my sister's university notes

When it comes to note-taking and note-making, I'll be the first admit that I'm quite meticulous and a bit perfectionist when it comes to my own. However, I think my sister may have secretly one-upped me...

The notes I'm about to show you are from a few years ago and are when she did her degree. She is almost two years younger than me but due to the way the academic year is here, she is one academic year behind me. She studied chemistry (I know what you're thinking, what a pair of nerdy and scientific siblings...) and her notes are just... wonderful.

A Pukka Pad Project Book was here weapon of choice and I can kind of see why - the allure of 90gsm paper, a super thick cover and move-able dividers are definitely winning features.

Her handwriting is less printed compared to mine but it is still very neat. She has used colours but not to an overwhelming amount. I'll let the photos do the talking...

Even printed notes that have been glued in are done so neatly...

And she even had a hand-drawn picture of the heart! She did a module called 'Medicinal Chemistry' which explains this random diagram of the heart.

The notes below aren't in the notebook but are separate sheets that have been stapled together. She says that yellow paper is easier to revise from but for me, I still prefer my bright white Oxford-brand paper.

And finally, some typed up notes. Even these are annotated beautifully.

I think I have note envy but then again, my sister has always been better at artistic things than me! Today, I thought I'd show you her notes just to give you a look at someone else's for a change. She's definitely upped the note-making game in this family and I'm sure that will only spur me on this academic year! (Joking of course. I make notes for myself, not to compete with others!)


  1. Ah you sister's handwriting is beautiful. She seems like a very organised person too.
    Joanny :)

  2. Your sister's hand writing is so small! (Although very neat!)
    My sister's hand writing is big and pretty, mostly when she writes headings for her notes.
    I wish my notes were more neat, but I suppose I'll work on that this next academic year!


    1. With notes, I don't think neatness matters too much - they have to be functional too :) Good luck for next year! :) x

  3. I just can't.... Whenever I see your notes, here your sister's I feel like my brain could work 100% better if I were writing like this. But, to be honest, studying law in my country is almost impossible to have such a pretty notes. Especially, when I write so neat (or at least when I try) on lectures I usually don't have all information I wanted to write. :< so baddd!

    1. Aw neatness isn't the most important thing with notes though - they have to be functional too! :) x

  4. You both have such beautiful handwriting! Love all your posts :)

    Jo xx

  5. Hi! Hope you are feeling better, Angela!
    Your sister's notes are so cute, and very neat, like yours.
    You both make me inspired to study better. Thank you.

    1. Thanks Sil! Feeling much better today though still not at 100% but I'm sure with a bit of R&R this weekend, I'll be tip top again next week. Good luck with your studies! x