16 Aug 2015

my week #174

This week, it was my first proper week back on placement. I've just started a five-week block in neurology and it's been much better than expected. Neurology is one of my better topics when it comes to exam results but it's not necessarily one that would come towards the top of my list of 'specialties I'm interested in'. There isn't much time for patient contact as this week has been filled with lectures and the fact that we're not attached to a ward doesn't help with that side of things either. On Friday evening, I shadowed a senior doctor who was on-call in the evening and I really enjoyed it. I seem to enjoy on-call shifts a lot and this makes me seriously consider A&E as a genuine career option.

Anyway! The madness has begun again and I'm envisaging a busy twelve months on the horizon. I'm not complaining though - I'm doing something I've always wanted to do and enjoying every moment of it.

How has your week been? :)


  1. I lurk on your blog, and love reading your posts. I have MS, so have ended up learning far more neurology than an engineer should really know! Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you, Nellie! I clerked my first MS patient in this week shown above and it was lovely to hear things directly from a patient as opposed to learning about the condition from textual resources :) x

  2. Your organisation/motivation for life in general is lovely and inspiring!

  3. I love to see your pages. You've balanced "clean" and "decorated" very nicely.

  4. I love to see your pages. You've balanced "clean" and "decorated" very nicely.