5 Aug 2015

review of my last five purchases

My aim of this post is to make myself feel more accountable for the things I buy. I've got to a point where I now dislike showing things I've bought for the sake of showing so in this post, I'm going to explain what these items have been used for, why they were bought in the first place and also do a mini-review of them. This won't be a regular feature but it's a way for me to show how I use my most recent additions without breaking them up into a few separate smaller posts :)

1. midori brass number clips

I bought these with the aim of using them to prioritise things to revise during my exam period. The numbers on them were ideal for this and they came in very, very handy. Not only that, the brass metal ensures they will last for years to come and can be re-used time and time again. After all, there are always things that need prioritising, exam time or not.

One drawback of these brass metal clips is that they can rip the paper if you're not careful or leave them on for a bit too long. So although they seem ideal as markers for each month in a planner, I wouldn't recommend them for that use because of this. Or maybe I'm just an idiot - probably the most likely explanation!

2. kaweco fountain pen & other Tiger Pens goodies

So, I've mentioned this pen so many times now and my review of it can be found here - but this was one of my most recent purchases. This Kaweco Skyline Sport wasn't a purchase I had planned so soon - I had originally planned to buy it this month or next but back in March, a friend convinced me it would be worth it and that I would like it. Talk about bowing to peer pressure - something I don't usually do!

For a cheap fountain pen, it is worth every penny and the mint colour is just so adorable and perfect for the summer.

3. the Harry Potter signature box set

My original copies of the Harry Potter series are seriously battered and although I don't see myself throwing them out anytime soon, I also wanted to be able to read them over and over again (which I do about once a year). As a result, I needed to buy a new set that was durable (read: hardback) and looked as close to the originals as possible.

This boxset delivers on the majority of those fronts: the inside of the books are identical to the originals and they are all hardback editions. However, the covers are different but they all have a ribbon bookmark and the illustrations on the spines and sleeves are just beautiful.

4. a horse pendant necklace

Earlier this year, I lost one of my favourite necklaces which had an owl pendant. I've still yet to find it so I'm assuming it's lost forever so I've been hunting for a new favourite ever since. Whilst browsing ASOS, this galloping horse pendant necklace caught my eye and for something that only cost me a few pounds, it's a worthy replacement (but still isn't quite the same unfortunately).

5. lumie bodyclock

Though this is one of my pricier purchases of 2015, it was one that I had been planning for at least six months. I originally borrowed my sister's Lumie to test it out during the winter (as the early mornings were crippling for me - energy and mood-wise) and it really did make a difference for me. I know they don't work for everyone but they seem to have done my energy levels a world of good when I need to wake up before sunrise (which happens more often than you think due to this ridiculous commute).


I suppose this blog post was a way for me to justify my most recent purchases and also do mini reviews of them :) It's also nice to know that everything I've bought recently isn't from one main category such as clothes, shoes or stationery (though there is a lot of that latter!). For the purposes of this post, I've omitted food purchases and other essential purchases such as toiletries.

Do you ever review your most recent purchases? :)


  1. The pen is so pretty! I want one for myself ahah

  2. I could do with the lumie! And yay for HP books, I have the paperback set on my amazon wishlist although I have them on kindle, I want the 'real' books!

    Zoe xoxo

  3. The Lumie is excellent isn't it? I also approve of the Harry Potter purchases... I may, or may not, have done the same thing :D