31 Dec 2015

a handwritten post: 2015 year in review

This year has just flown by which is a little bit scary! I swear the years go faster the older I get. When I was younger, a year was a long time but now? A year is just a blink of the eye. Here's a brief review of my year (I did a more in depth one but it was way too personal to share).

A lot happened this year that I'll look back on with fondness. A George Ezra concert in Brixton with an amazing friend, being present at a few births whilst on Obstetrics and Gynaecology placement and being more sociable (!) are just a few specific ones.

Do you do something similar at the end of each year? What were your year highlights?


  1. So glad a lot of things workes out for you Angela. My highlights were getting into uni even though it wasnt for med but i study Biomed at SGUL and ive met so many amazing people.Hope 2016 will be even better for us all.


  2. I think being more social and making new friends is always a highlight for me because I'm a bit of an introvert. My studies were a bit difficult this year but I think that will get better with the new integration of planners and studyblr's in my life in 2016. I did a year end review on my blog as well :] ---> 2015 year in review

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  3. happy new year! may 2016 bring you joy, love and lots of success :)