17 Dec 2015

my study week #7: flashcards

I don't use flashcards as much as I probably should - I find that making them is just too time-consuming and now that I'm driving to most of my placements this year, I can't really look at them on public transport like I could've previously. However, that's not to say they aren't useful - I've made ones for emergencies and OSCE stations and will probably continue to do so for these two categories, along with a few others (hello, Pharmacology, I'm looking at you).

To store my flashcards from previous years, I've used this tin below. When we bought a new toaster, it came with a free gift which consisted of this selection of miniature preserves and marmalades. It's the perfect size for all of my flashcards accrued so far.

The main emergencies I have as flashcards are adapted from the 'emergencies' section of the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine. The guidelines may be different depending on which country you're in so I don't recommend copying out anything I've written! At the front, I've put things such as causes and investigations.

And at the back, the management of the emergency. I've done it according to the order each action should be done in.

And just because the tin is super adorable, here's another picture. I rarely throw away metal tins like these because I always seem to find a use for them :)

Do you hoard tins like these like I do? :)


  1. That is such a unique way to store them - I never really think about storing them but this is something perfect for xmas etc when these tins are available all over the place!


    1. Hehe, i have so many random tins and boxes knocking around, I knew they would come in useful one day ;) There are some lovely ones, especially around this time of year x

  2. That's a really cool idea. I'm thinking of doing some flashcards for my OSCE too, so I might look for a tin like this in my kitchen.
    Just came across your website today btw, it's great!


    1. Thanks Nuzhat! Hope the flashcards work out for you :) x