3 Mar 2016

using two planners simultaneously: rifle paper co and hobonichi

This year, I decided to try and keep my university and personal life as separate as possible and to do this, I've opted to use a Hobonichi Techo alongside my Rifle Paper Co planner.

My Hobonichi follows me around the wards and on placement whereas my Rifle planner stays at home on my desk where it holds my home and personal life to-dos and events.

On placement, I used to use an A6 notebook where I'd mock up a schedule for myself and then use the rest of the notebook to take notes regarding what I've seen in clinic, on ward round and in A&E. There are also notes from teaching in there. 

Because the Hobonichi Techo is dated, I don't need to painstakingly draw up my own weekly schedule and can instead fill in the gaps as you can see below:

The amazing Tomoe River paper means that I can use fountain pen in the Techo without fear of bleeding or show through! Later in the year, I'll show how the day-per-page diary is used on placement but for now, this is how I separate and plan my life.

In the Techo, I'll have a brief note (usually in pencil) for when I have personal things scheduled, for example, dental appointments and drinks with friends, etc. This way, I can see what other things are planned but I won't see the more personal and health-related things (ahem, if you're a girl, you'll know what I mean) or inadvertently show them to a colleague. 

I'm going to see how this system works out for me this year because the plan is to note down jobs that need doing whilst on ward round/interesting cases seen in clinic. The only issue I have at the moment is the lack of pages available to me for clerking patients so a compromise may have to be struck (weekend pages are currently an option for this!).

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