7 Jul 2016

preparing my desk for exam revision!

Today, I thought I'd do a brief post on my desk during revision periods. With exams now not that far away (read: a few days away), I'll keep this brief. This picture was taken about two weeks' ago :)

Stationery and Revision Tools
As you can see, there are various bits of stationery on my desk. I like to write while I'm revising as it helps me take things in (otherwise, I'm just revising passively) and a variety of pens mean that I don't get bored easily. My attention span isn't the longest (and I'll be the first to admit that) so pen rotation and colours are essential!

I have a Pomodoro timer on my phone which I abuse during revision periods and this is why this is on my desk. I use the FocusNow app and if I deviate away from the app at any point when the timer is ticking, I lose the fruit I grow. And the more fruits you grow, the bigger your farm so it gets kind of addictive!

My planner holds a lot of my to-dos and it is just so satisfying to tick each one off. Sometimes, I don't manage any during a week (and this happened a few weeks' back) but I've been working steadily throughout the year so I'm not too stressed about this.

Food and Drink
I like to keep a source of sugar nearby - you can see a jar of M&M Peanuts and chocolate raisins in the top left corner, along with a selection of cordial (my current guilty pleasure). Usually, I'm seen binging on rice cakes though - a healthier and alternative source of sugar. I definitely stress eat during exam time!

A computer is essential for looking up NICE guidelines and doing practice questions but it can also be a distraction. When I do practice questions, I make it a full screen spread so I'm not tempted to have half of the screen on Netflix or something. I like to also have some background music in the form of movie soundtracks or something instrumental.

If you have exams coming up - good luck! If you've already had them, I hope they went well and that you're now enjoying a well-deserved summer break :-)

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