8 Sept 2016

revisiting my Anthropologie journal (because it's just so pretty)

As mentioned back in January, my sister bought me this journal for Christmas and I've written in it at least once a week since. My journaling style has changed a lot over the years. I used to write really random thoughts and make note of really random events in my life with the odd ticket glued in. Now, I still have tickets and things reminding me of awesome events stuck in my journal but I'm much more reflective of the events in my life. 

Each entry starts off with something fickle such as the current song playing in the background or whatever outfit I'm wearing (if I'm particularly fond of it) or the current weather. After that, I go onto the events since the previous entry and I write down my version of things that have happened - after all, it's my journal and all about me, right? It's the only place where I can be totally self-centred and self-absorbed so I make the most of this time each week ;)

Next, I write about my feelings from that week. If something made me particularly happy, I'll write about that and why it made me happy and the same goes for events and things that have made me unhappy or angry, etc. My journal then becomes a place where I can really release all of my emotions, positive or negative, without them having an effect on my life or the people around me.

This Anthropologie journal is super thick and with 350 pages, I'm sure it'll be a long time before it gets filled up. The paper quality is excellent (pretty much 99% of the entries are in fountain pen) and it is just the prettiest thing sitting in my bookshelf.


  1. Wow, gorgeous!! This has made me really want to get into journaling. What a lovely christmas gift as well! x


  2. What a lovely way to use your notebook! It'll be amazing to look back through it in ten years and see how you've changed :) xo


  3. I love this journal, but sadly my Anthropologie no longer carries them, and they never had any with the initial Z. But I love your notebook!