20 Sept 2016

irresponsibly planning a last minute holiday

After a tough penultimate year, I decided to reward myself by going on holiday on my own. I had no idea where to go but I did have a budget which I wanted to stick to.

Because I wasn't sure where I'd be going, I wrote a 'universal' packing list. I knew it would be somewhere in Europe so I had that to work with :)

In terms of choosing where to go, I knew I had to opt for somewhere safe as I'd opted to travel on my own. I wrote a list of places I was considering but ultimately opted for one not on the list... Go figure! (My mind works in mysterious ways.) It had to be somewhere I could book pretty much last minute because I didn't want to tempt fate and book a holiday before results were released. However, me being me, I booked it anyway but for the week after the resit exams. This gave me three weeks to sort out the logistics of my trip. 

Eventually, I settled on Stockholm. It was a spur of the moment thing and Scandinavia has been high on my 'want to visit' list for the last few years. What better time to visit than during summer? Once this was booked, my sister bought me a Top 10 guide for Stockholm and I began planning what to do and where to go during each day of my holiday. I like structure and wanted to make the most of my visit as I'd only booked five days and four nights due to financial constraints. 

After booking my flights and hotel, I organised transport to and from the airport in Stockholm, applied for a Halifax Clarity credit card and sorted out any other urgent paperwork that needed to be done. This included travel insurance, health insurance and currency. 

I'll inevitably talk in more detail about Stockholm soon but for now, this was how I booked my last minute holiday. Possibly the first time in my life where I've not planned things down to the tee :)


  1. Stockholm is lovely, I've been there last year for a couple of days and I definitely want to see it again. Have fun on your holiday! :)

  2. Hope you had an amazing time! I'd love to go on a spur of the moment holiday one day :) xo