1 Sept 2016

another less thingz planner!

Last year, I blogged about Less Thingz and their fold out planner they had and this year, I'm back with another :) The concept is the same: a fold out planner which has daily, monthly and yearly planning sections. To see more on their website, click here.

The included instructions make it seem really easy to fold but I have to admit it is a bit fiddly when you're first trying to work it all out. The quality of the paper is great - I would even go as far as to call it card due to its thickness. This is more of a desk planner than a portable one and I like how it can be hung up, though I'm still yet to try that because of how heavy it is.

The card takes fountain pen very well and the spaces for each day are big enough for noting down the day's events. I like that there is a space each week for goals as I'm a big fan of free space in each weekly spread. This is a good planner if you're looking for something slightly different on your desk and with the quality of the card and rubber, it'll surely last the whole year :)

Note: Although I was provided this planner free of charge, I have tried my best to review it as if I had paid for it. 

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