29 Sept 2016

my study week #16: my unedited desk, post-exam madness

After my exams, I cleaned my room and my desk looked quite different. Here is a little mini-tour :)

I try and keep it as minimalistic as possible (and I know I can definitely do better if you look at the photo below). Most of the space is in the bottom left area.

In the top left, I have a few bottles of cordial, some water and some snacks. Cordial was a nice sweet treat from time to time during revision and it also came in useful when the weather was excruciatingly hot. I combined a little cordial with water and then added in some salt to the mixture to try and combat my losses through sweat. (Gross, I know).

I also like to have a healthy snack or two and this ranges from dried fruit to rice cakes (which you can see below). The dark chocolate orange rice cakes are a guilty pleasure!

Little trinkets also make their way onto my desk - you can see some of them below. I like to have an inspirational quote in my eye line to keep things positive too :) The red and white striped sweet below has a story behind it which means it'll never be eaten.

Basically, I was clerking a patient on the ward during my Geriatrics placement and she was just the sweetest lady ever. She got quite emotional during the clerking and I felt terrible (as I thought it was my fault but she insisted it wasn't). She was so grateful for some company, she gave me a handful of sweets which I then shared with the team before taking just one for myself to remind myself of her. This lady taught me that, sometimes, all people need is an ear to listen to them from time to time and as a student, we are often the ones with the most time to do this.

Finally, my pen pots. I'm well aware that I have too many pens but that doesn't mean I can't put them in pretty pen pots. The one below is from good old Ikea :)

Ultimately, I like to keep my desk as minimalistic as possible but with a personal touch too. :) Quite a difference from a study session, eh?

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