26 Oct 2010

a year older, but not necessarily wiser

So, it's my 20th birthday today and I feel quite old... Apologies if I am offending anyone here saying that but as I after being a teenager for seven years; being able to say I am twenty years of age now feels like something new!

To celebrate, a group of my friends and I have plumped for dinner at a nearby hotel restaurant. Being in South Kensington, this won't be cheap but thanks to a Taste London card, we'll get 50% off the food bill! This discount helps a lot as being students, we rarely get to eat good food, but this time, we can but for half the price. Let's hope the food comes out as good as it would at full price!

Apologies for a lack of commenting on blogs and stuff. I've been really, really busy with uni stuff; you just wouldn't believe!


  1. Firstly happy birthday, enjoy the day to the full and don't be feeling old.

    You really are still young. My '20's' in a lot of ways were the best years of my life, but it's over 30 years ago now!!

    You only get one life..... live it to the full.

  2. Happy Happy Birthday.
    Oh you are still so young as shown by the fact you think 20 is old...... hehe! Enjoy the big 20(lots will happen this decade) and have a lovely meal!

  3. Wait until you are 25 and you realize that you've been out of University for 2 years! ugh!

  4. Thanks for the comments :]

    I'm having a hectic two weeks at the moment so a very late reply from me, apologies. Got a lot of blog reading to catch up on too!

    And I'm planning to do graduate medicine, so I'll be out of uni for 2 years at the age of around 29-30 ;)