29 Oct 2010

using my filofax for revision

This post is somewhat late (if you had exams in the summer) or early (if you have exams next term) but for me, this will be the perfect time to blog about it as it gives me time to tweak my revision schedule before I need to start the actual hardcore revision itself.

Here is a picture of my revision schedule from my summer exams. I will explain everything and how I used this to my advantage! The inserts are currently not in my filofax due to the fact I changed my inserts.

As you can see, there is a lot of writing. I will first explain the writing itself!

There are initials of my modules written down as shown: MB, MCB and PE. I was quite lucky in that I only had three exams (but they were spread out over three consecutive days! One each days! It's a miracle I passed considering how much I had to learn...) as other people I knew had as much as six or seven.

I have smudged out the names of my lecturers for their privacy and also mine ;) But as you can see, alongside each module, I would have written down a few lecturer's names or maybe a topic's name (for example, 'Recombination' on Thursday the 10th). This is an indication of what I was planning to revise on those days. I would cross each name out once I'd revised it to my satisfaction. If I failed to finish revising the stuff that day, I would rewrite the module or lecturer's name again but for a later date.

This is not a full proof method as I actually had some gaps in the things I revised (I only found this out during the exams themselves...revision fail!) so I'm actually looking for a new way to revise, but still using my filo as I feel it keeps me organised.

Any suggestions?

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