23 Oct 2010

ugg boots...to hate or not to hate

So, the famous (or should that be infamous?) Ugg Australia brand. Famous for their pricey (but comfy, I must add) sheepskin boots, boots which have enough influence to be made by a cheap factory and passed off as the real thing. The real question is though, to hate or not to hate? Until about a year ago, I never liked them. I thought they were overpriced and that people only bought it for the label; not to mention the fact that in my local area, only chavs wear them (and normally fake ones at that). However, my opinion changed when I tried a pair and actually bought two pairs off shudoo.co.uk (taking advantage of a 20% discount code). Obviously, I bought the classics as they are, in essence, what they say on the tin - of a classic style; meaning that they will not go out of fashion.

Not entirely convinced that the above picture is of real Ugg boots, but nevertheless, I am too lazy to take a picture of my own.

Having spent the majority of my teenage years slagging off these boots, I have found myself in love with them (only in the winter though, mind you. I would never wear these out when the sun is shining at the temperature is above 15 degrees celcius!!!!). I literally lived out of my two pairs last winter due to the sheer amount of snow that fell at home and in London. Walking to college every day was turning into an obstacle course with the ice in Hyde Park and so I need something cosy but also safe. Although they don't look it, the grip on them is pretty good. Not once did I find myself skating through Hyde Park instead of walking through it.

Don't get me started on the cosiness either. If you buy a real pair (made from sheepskin and whatnot), they are very, very, very comfy. I cannot emphasise that enough. I did not need a single pair of thick woollen socks in the winter as the boots did the warming themselves! My feet never froze and it also meant I rarely had dry, chapped skin on my feet - win!

So, what do you think? I know the price is a little outrageous but if you wear them for many years, the boots pay for themselves (especially if you feel the cold as easily as I do). Go on, share your opinion; I won't be offended if you hate them ;)


  1. I too was one who didn't see the point of real Ugg boots, but I just this past week got a pair of one of the newer styles, the ones that look very similar to the original pair but with a zip and slightly more shaped around the ankle, and I have been living in them ever since! They are definitely the best thing I have bought this year :)

  2. I am definitely a big fan of them now that the weather has grown cold! In fact, I'd go as far as to say that I can't possibly live without mine.

    Glad to see someone else who also appreciates them as much as I do :]