19 Oct 2010

a filofax in china/hong kong?!

I'm a big fan of watching Hong Kong dramas (my parents are from there and I've been born and brought up in the UK but with a love for anything Hong Kong/China related! Well, mostly...) and whilst watching this one, I spotted what looked a lot like a Filofax! Here is the first screencap...

In this one, only the rings are visible but from the size, it looks like an A5 filofax. The character (name is Hoi Leung) is using a verrrry nice pen too, but in this drama, he is a rich businessman who was formerly the CEO of his own company. It's too complicated for me to explain the events that unfolded which caused him to no longer be the CEO so I'll leave it at that.

The next shot was of what he had written and from looking at the paper, it looks like non-standard Filofax paper but it does have an air of cotton cream-ness to it! And it is lined! I'm loving this paper as it looks like it is high quality paper and would love to know where Filofax sized refills are sold in Hong Kong! Next time I am there, I will have a hunt in stationary shops (of which there are many, but mainly independant ones!).

The final shot is of Hoi Leung's son (Hoi Sing) reading what he had written before he passed away. Hoi Leung had been using the 'Filofax' as a diary and that was his first, and last, entry. In this shot, I think it looks like an A5 model, but which one I am not sure. Nevertheless, this is my first time seeing a Filofax-esque product in a Hong Kong/China drama (this was a collaboration between TVB, a Hong Kong based TV company and some China one - I've forgotten the name of it).

I'll keep my eyes peeled for any further spots of Filofaxes in Hong Kong dramas from now on!

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