10 Sept 2011

the cutest notebook ever...

...and it's not mine! Well, anymore. Last month, it was my sister's birthday and as you all know, I placed an order on Artbox for two diaries which I reviewed also: here and here. In this order, there was also a few presents and this is one of them: a cute notebook. And I had present envy when I gave it to her, too.

Anyway, isn't this the cutest notebook ever?

I don't think she has started using it yet so I can't comment on the paper quality, but the exterior just looks so cute and if I had it, personally, I wouldn't want to use it!

Do you have any stationery that you just don't want to use as it is cute/expensive/whatever else?


  1. I have a habit of buying things just cos they look pretty and then never using them! Which is why I'm now on a ban of buying cute books, especially from Artbox where the shop is a complete cute overload! :) x

  2. Tell me about it! I'm on an Artbox ban at the moment too - in fact, I'm on an all notebooks ban until I use them all up (which should be quite quickly as term is starting again soon!).

    It's even worse over in Hong Kong. They have cute notebooks for crazy prices like HKD$10 which equates to just under a British pound... it's so hard to resist.

  3. The only thing worse than a cute notebook... Is a cute notebook on sale! I've had to drag myself from the UK Filofax sale many times! The only reason I had for buying anything was 'Aww but it's a cuter diddy purple version of my A5 Red Domino' and that excuse just doesn't fly :D

    Just under a pound?! I'd need to take a spare empty suitcase just for stationary! Good luck with that ban ;)

  4. ok this is just too cute.
    But I am back on FabFrugal after my holiday in Paris so definitely won't be buying anything until December!!!