5 Sept 2011

preparing for my final year / / part one

So far, in preparation for my final year of my bachelors degree, I have done the following:

I have chosen what diary to use when my Moleskine runs out (read: when 2012 commences). This is one of the two that I ordered from Artbox back in this post. This diary was chosen instead of the other one because it has a plastic cover - a detail I love as it adds protection to such a pretty little planner. I may use the other one as a food diary or something too.

I've 'dated' the monthly pages already for 2012. I used fountain pen and the paper is of a fairly high quality - high enough so that no bleeding is present when I used Parker ink and also no show through! Winner.

On the inside cover, I've stuck this sticky note to remind myself of what the left and right hand side of the weekly pages are for. You'll see why in a second...

You'll note that the boxes for each day is quite small which explains why I've separated the use of the left and right hand sides.

At the back, there are quite a few pages for lists - ideal as I can make lists for coursework assignments, shopping, life admin, etc. Plus, I love making lists so pre-made list pages are a bonus in this planner!


Finally, my mum saw these pads on sale for half price in Tesco and as a result, she literally cleared the stock. (When I say literally...I mean, literally!). It's because she knows how I rave on and on about how good the paper is and she's trying to help me minimise the need to spend next year as I'm not getting much from the loans company - and whatever I am getting will go purely towards my accomodation. This means I'll be digging into my own savings and will have to plan my spends carefully!
Anyway, hope you've enjoyed this part of my preparation. Part II (and maybe III) will entail my packing woes (as I always overpack and then end up not having enough space for essentials) and also budgeting matters.

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  1. Good luck on your final year! Also with your exams for grad entry medicine :-)