19 Sept 2011

happiness project / / update #2

So, as you may remember, for August, I did a month of daily goals. These goals ranged from just baking a cake to reading a chapter of a book. For most of the goals, I succeeded – particularly the baking, watch x and y and volunteering but the ones I commonly failed on were ‘read a chapter of z’ where z would be a book I misplaced on a regular basis!

For September 2011, my overall motto is to ‘be more organised’. I’m moving back into hall accommodation in the last week as a re-applicant so I’ll help look after the freshers and stuff so I need to work out what to pack and what to send. I usually overpack so I’m going to try and pack less – remember my minimalist project! The picture above is just one draft (I know what you're thinking... draft?! Of a list?!) of my packing list but I need to whittle it down further as what you can't see overleaf is a list of the clothes I want to take - and that would take up two suitcases alone.

I also need to prepare for three entrance exams for my post graduate study application of medicine. I’ve decided against a gap year post graduation and have opted to go straight into study if possible. After all, I’ve enjoyed these two months of work experience so much – I want to get my teeth into a medicine degree ASAP!

So, it’s going to be a busy month full of organisational orientated projects. After all, this is what my packing list looks like and it is pretty long! Too long to take with me within a day, even with the help of my mum; so it needs whittling down.

I’m also going to draw up a revision timetable schedule that should be able to be applied generally so that I don’t need to make another one each time I revise for a new module. 

Hopefully, with this challenge, I will gain happiness by regaining more control of my time and life. At least, that's the gist of my September goal.


  1. I always have to plan a list and have a draft one, i dont like to write it up as i make mistakes and forget things heheh :-)

    Good luck with your packing and DO NOT FORGET YOUR FILO's hehe they will miss you ;-) xxxx

  2. That sounds like an awesome plan and you've inspired me to write down a list a everything I want to finish :) Could you possibly post in more detail your revision timetable? Study schedules are something I make on a daily basis but I've NEVER been able to follow through with one before. I've researched online but they have all the generic advice that doesn't seem to work for me. I'd love to see how you do one :P

  3. I love making lists and I also like to make many of the same thing hehe, so my uni packing list was written and rewritten about three times so far. Crazy, I know :-) I will def pack my Filos as that's where some lists go! (Such as my 'want to buy' list)

    Jennifer - I'll do a post on the revision timetables I use and why, etc :-)