1 Sept 2011

a year as a minimalist / / part five


This ties in with the previous part in which you have to figure out your income and essential spends. Then the next step is to figure out other outgoings such as the weekly grocery shop which may differ in how much is spent each week.

After all this, any extra money can be put into a savings account with a decent interest rate. My aim is to save £2,500 throughout the next twelve months from September 2011. This equates to £48 a week which might be possible if I factor in the money and vouchers I make from survey sites I'm a part of and if I scrimp a bit more on grocery shops. Obviously, I'll have the ocassional treat too - one of which is a goal to eat out once a month (made possible by a Taste card I have - free from the Carphone Warehouse of course, not bought!). This goal to eat out once a month ties in with my Happiness Project.

P.S. It starts today! As does my spend monitoring via the use of self-made spreadsheets!

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