8 Sept 2011

help, i miss my filofax!

"Which one?" I may hear you ask but I mean my Vintage Rose Finchley.

For this reason, I'm looking for a way to incorporate my beloved Vintage Rose back into my life. The only thing I can think of is to use it as a 'food diary' but a Filofax deserves better treatment than that! Shall I use it as my desk diary? So, I'll have a smaller planner to lug around with me but a very nice Filofax sitting on my desk, wide open?

Any suggestions?

After all, as a girly girl, I need to have a girly accessory in my life - and this Vintage Rose fits the bill nicely.


  1. To be honest, i think you should use this as your every day diary ;-) What size is it?? I just ordered the A5 in the 9 Euro Sale :-D eeeee and i have the matching nail polish thanks to you ;-) xxxx

  2. I'd use it as my main planner, too! I live in the US and there isn't a single store that offers the same vintage rose personal Filo anymore and I'm coveting yours...

  3. I agree with the above! I've been looking for a good personal size filofax for a while now and I'm extrememly jealous of you for owning one of the vintage rose beauties! And with matching nail varnish how can you not use this as your main planner ;)?

  4. With you all in favour of using it as my main planner, what choice do I have? ;) Am going to set up it ASAP then. And I'm actually quite excited at doing so :) Gonna take a look around the net for some good organisational ideas for the Filo.

    Thanks guys :)

  5. Woo hoo! Let us know how it goes :)! Perhaps you could try making your own inserts?

  6. YAY Im glad you have come back to the Dark Side ;-) hehe