27 Mar 2012

university: revision and exams

Revision and Exams - not exactly the most interesting topic I could write about but we will always face tests and exams in life...

Here is how I do things - this may or may not work for everyone but I find it works fine for me.

1) Write out your lecture notes - this is always my first step for revision.

Include any other notes you may have made through extra reading, watching other university lectures, etc. too.

2) Summarise each topic on one side of A4 - two sides if it is a big topic.

Particular emphasise should be on the parts that you find most difficult to learn or understand.

3) Write out sticky notes with the information you find particularly difficult to understand or remember.

Or even for the bits of information that are purely factual and can be listed - such as the ionotropic and metabotropic sticky note on the top right of the picture.

4) Do past papers! Plan answers to them and add in any extra bits that may show a deeper level of understanding. 

Try and link up lectures from the same module or even different ones.

5) And finally... plan your revision schedule and stick to it.

Again, simple tips but I find simple works best with exams as complicated as the ones I've had to sit for my degree!

I hope these help and if there is anything else you think would be useful and would like me to blog about, do let me know via a comment or email (contact details are on the 'contact' page).


  1. Hi, thanks for this post.

    How do you go about preparing for your dissertation? I have to submit a project thesis in about a month's time and am still stuck at the second chapter

  2. I can do a post on this shortly for you :-) I've been planning my dissertation for a while now but haven't yet started writing it out properly yet as there is still a lot of reading to be done first :-(

  3. Thanks Angela, that would be helpful....though I think I better get started on my project right away :-)