11 Mar 2012

an update about my affair

This is an update about the set-up of The Affair. As I mentioned in the previous post about this, I ordered normal Flex notebooks which I am now using instead of the Temperley for Filofax one that came with it. 

I've added a personal and cuter touch to my Filofax by using stickers. There is a panda and two apple stickers on the cover of my Flex notebook. I'm actually using the thinner Flex notebook as at the moment, I don't need a thick notebook as I don't have lectures - only a dissertation and literature review to do.

Within the note pages, I've also written lists of things - here is one of them: a list of places I want to visit in the next few years if I can. I'm going to try and do most of them on the cheap so for the European ones, Interrailing may be an option. If you have any other suggestions for travelling on the cheap - let me know! Along with any other places you think I should see as I'm open to any recommendations!

My diary tab now looks like this - a row of pandas doing a roly-poly; two teddy stickers and one of a flower from a friend.

I've added in a geeky sticker for the day that represents the end of my degree...

And for my sister's birthday, I've added an orange monkey as she likes the colour orange and she was born in the year of the monkey (with reference to the Chinese zodiac).

A list of restaurants I want to visit - for various reasons such as the fact that I may have vouchers for them or my Tastecard works for them and I've never been before, etc.

Movies I want to see... I'm going through a Disney phase at the moment after my friend forced me to watch 'Wall-E' (and I'm glad she did! It was such a cute film).

So this is the update of how my Affair is currently run. Until anything else changes, this will be my set-up for the time being!


  1. Oh wow oh so pretty :-D I love the insides of your Filofax as usual :-D x

  2. Lovely idea for the to do lists. I have been to Prague and I have also been to Krakow in Poland. I loved Krakow about 100 times more than Prague so if you like the idea of Prague you would love Krakow.

  3. What did you think of "Law Abiding Citizen"? I switched it off in disgust about halfway through.

    1. I watched the first five minutes and got bored... I only wanted to watch it cos of my boyfriend at the time. Now there's no need to (THANK GOODNESS hehe) xxx