1 Jun 2012

may review!

May presented me with mixed weather conditions - it was sunny but still quite chilly, sometimes it was windy and other times, it was just plain sunny (and quite warm). Either way, here is what I had to utilise to get me through this month!

1) Sticky Notes

Because I'm still doing my final year project and dissertation, I still have a hell of a lot of reading and organising to do. I find breaking things up with these sticky notes help a lot as it allows me to make this somewhat tedious project a bit more interesting on the eye but also so that I can see what needs to be done at a glance.

2) Vitamin D and Calcium supplements

Ironically, even though May has been filled with sunshine, I still don't get enough of my daily dose of Vitamin D. This is mainly due, in part, to this dissertation that needs writing and my refusal to take my Macbook Pro outdoors in case the heat does any damage to it! I had a point last year where I was diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency (flagged up due to a blood test for something else!) and was on supplements last year too and since then, I've opted to just keep taking them.

The added calcium also helps me as I don't ingest calcium at all really in my diet!

3) Burt's Bees lip balm

My lips always seem to be dry no matter how much I drink or what the weather is like so I have an assortment of Burt's Bees lip balms to get me through. Next on my list to try, though, is Badger Balm!

4) Dried mango!

I love this stuff. It just reminds me of the summer and it is ideal as a snack in this sunny weather! Plus, it's so hard to find a good brand of dried mango here that I bulk buy this everytime I'm in Tesco (the only place where I can find it for some reason).

Obviously, other mentions of things I couldn't live without include my Filofax, Sudocrem (as I burnt my wrist early in the month and the Sudocrem helped sooth the pain) and good old water (water = good skin + rehydration, especially as my room is always really warm as the sun shines right into it during the day!).

What couldn't you live without?


  1. read your post, like the sticky notes.
    can you post a blog about how to use filofax to orgazise your dessertation? A5 is possible for the process?
    and BTW, does the Vitamin D reaaly help you writing?

    1. I haven't really used my Filofax to organise my dissertation apart from a few to-do's about when to send chapters/bits to my supervisor, etc. How I organised it is mainly in my post here but barely any part of it was in my Filofax at all I'm afraid. Sorry!

      And Vitamin D doesn't help with my writing but it helps with my health as I don't really get out much on days where I spend most hours writing :)