10 Jun 2012

my filofax week #8

This week has been quite relaxed at the beginning but more stressful towards the midweek and the weekend.

Reasons for this include the fact that my dissertation is due on Monday the 11th of June; but I set my own personal deadline of Friday the 8th, and that is, in fact, when I handed it in. Also, the extra long bank holiday weekend meant that dissertation fear didn't set in til about Wednesday afternoon! But essentially, that wasn't a problem as I was done anyway, apart from editing, editing and editing. Plus, of course, proof reading!

{ a quieter week means more stickers to fill the gaps }
{ I added a more personal, journal-like aspect to this week by writing in any social activities that I did. This is so that when I decide to look back on this week in years to come, I can say to myself, "ah, so that's what I did that week." I guess that having a photographic memory helps so although I might forget the exact date I did something, I'd remember the event pretty well in my mind. }

What was your week like? Have you changed any aspects of it for the better?

Would you like to be featured one week? If so, send me an email to fadingskylines[@]gmail.com with a picture of your week and a brief bit of text. Remember to include your blog URL or Twitter username (if you have either) so I can link back to you too! 


  1. Another lovely week. Every time I get a peek into your week, I'm a little more convinced to go back to the week per spread layout.

    Huzzahs on your dissertation!

  2. Good luck with your viva next week. I have mine on Tuesday, together with finals from 3 subjects :o( UK uni system is much better.

  3. I love your filofax weeks, their always so full and colourful :)

  4. I love this idea of posting a pic of your week! Great job!