29 Jun 2012

june; can't live withouts

With such mixed weather from this month, I have had many essentials but here were the ones that I used the most.

1) A colour block pleated skirt from Cos

Due to the hot weather, I had to keep my modesty but also keep cool at the same time. This skirt did the trick. It comes to just above my knee but the lightweight material helps keep me cool at the same time.

2) Welch's Grape Boost juice

Don't know why, but this juice is so addictive! I've gone through one of these a week at the moment. Slow going, but that's always the best way!

3) Hayfever tablets

Hay fever is the bane of my life in the summer and these tablets are a god-send!

4) And of course, my Filofax.

My Filofax proved invaluable when it came to my dissertation. That is because I set myself deadlines to hand things in, and deadlines for when I wanted to get a section finished by. I didn't really use it for planning the dissertation in though.

What couldn't you live without in June? How did your Filofax/diary help?


  1. Love you 'favourites' posts!!

  2. Love it! The skirt is adorable and so is the filofax! Love your colorful pages!


    1. Thank you! And yes, I love that skirt hehe x