27 Jun 2012

my current filofax set up


So, as some of you will probably have guaged by now, I've resorted to using my new aqua Chameleon. In all honesty, I was a Finchley girl before I got this one but now that I have the aqua in my hands, somehow, it feels right. I like how sturdy the leather is; how dull but interesting the colour and pattern is and finally how it seems a bit more youthful than the Finchley is. (Not that I'm saying the Finchley is for an older market because I do still love my Finchleys!)

Anyway, having fully moved into it, I have tweaked and tampered with the layout countless of times and have finally rested on this current set up. It seems to work at the moment but that may be due to the fact that I am not as busy as I was earlier in the year but also, because of various changes in my life, my Filofax needs have changed slightly.

I have also, apparently, gone back to my old ways of stuffing my Filofax to the brim! Even though I have posted about downsizing to a Compact, it seems the only way to make my Chameleon lie flat was to stuff it.

Without further ado... I reveal to you, my new set up!

This is the beauty in all its glory...

And from the side...

From the top...

And finally, opened!

There is a Frixion there to the left as it's currently my pen of choice (along with my Muji Erasables but I want to use up this one first as I don't like it as much!). I don't really keep cards in the card slots. I have extra sheets of mini-notepaper for various lists or notes, then three fully stamped Caffe Nero coffee cards, plasters and vouchers for cheap eye tests. Housed under the flap thing are my NHS card and driving licence paper.

As you can see on the left; although I had to send the Affair back, I was able to keep the inserts and have carried on using them as they are beautiful! 

And a closer look to the right: a clear pocket of all the vouchers I accumulate from my participation in surveys as well as some important receipts and other momentos.

And the first tab is called 'Temperley'. I bet you're all wondering what's inside it? Well, I hope you won't be too disappointed because it really isn't that interesting...!

It's just to-do lists! It might have been more fitting to put the 'Projects' tab here but there is a reason as to why I didn't. You may have seen this list before; it's my list of restaurants that I would like to visit for whatever reason.

And overleaf, a to-do list for food! And a to-do list waiting to be used.

And this is what is under the 'Projects' tab! On the left and overleaf of that is a list of food that should be avoided for those with gluten intolerance and on the right of the picture below is my own 30 for 30 remix where you only take 30 items of clothing and shoes for 30 days.

Next is a clear tab where I've stuck on random things. At the top is my weekly ritual and at the bottom is my typical order from Gourmet Burger Kitchen.

Then some month to-do lists...

Now onto the diary! My personal page of personal details - with most sensitive information pixelated.

Two random post it notes; one detailing what needs to be done to the house we are buying (provided it doesn't fall through!) and the one at the bottom with all the dates of my jabs I've had. 

Then a blank divider to bring me to where the actual diary starts as there are sheets of notepaper in between the personal details sheet and the diary.

And another blank divider for when my summer starts (but also to show when my degree ends...!).

Directly under the second blank divider...

And then the third blank divider: to show the potential start date of the medicine degree I may be embarking on in the autumn (though, I am thinking of deferring at the moment...).

And under that third divider...

Finally, the fourth blank divider - to show the beginning of 2013...

And also to show where some more notepaper is too.

This particular sheet is how much each bit of a house renovation may cost - for my own future reference as my mum and I have had an interest in property development for a few years now and I'm thinking of pursuing it now!

Then a sheet for prizes I have won in the past (a bit egocentric, I know, but it's nice to know how *lucky* I may have been in the past).

And a balance sheet of my finances for the month. I think the expression of the monkey sticker says it all really...

Then another clear wallet after the notepaper. This contains stamps...

Spare passport sized photos and a cute drawing my sister drew for me some six years ago. Then, on the right, are the first few months of 2013!

And finally, one last clear plastic wallet. Another cute picture my sister drew; again from six years ago; and two pictures of myself as a baby and my dad.

And overleaf of that, another picture my sister drew and a picture of me as a baby and my mum.

And I lied; that wasn't final bit! This is the zipped compartment at the back and currently holds some sticky notes and proof of postage receipts.

So, after that marathon of a post, you can choose to reward yourself however! Be it some chocolate, a big steaming mug of tea or even a hard workout on the treadmill (just...why?!), you deserve it after reading all this way! (And I am very grateful for you having read this far!)

Overall, I'm very happy with the Chameleon. The more I use it, the more I have grown to love it and the more I just want to play with it! Hope you enjoyed a look at my layout but obviously, being a perfectionist, I will probably chop and change this layout in the near future; so look out for another post on that!

However, the big question is: will I move out of it into another Filofax again? If so, which one? And why? Will I ever return to the aqua Chameleon? So many questions and the only way to find out is to keep reading my blog hehe :)

Note: This post was written back at the beginning of June but was only scheduled to post now because I knew I would be busy with end of degree crap :)


  1. Hi! Love the aqua Chameleon. I was gutted when I found out they don't make the Compact in Aqua. ):

    1. The Compact in Raspberry is on sale at the moment on the Filofax Denmark site for the equivalent of £29 pounds (think delivery is another £5?) if you're interested ;) I'm very tempted myself, but I have no need for it :( x

  2. Lovely post and set up! I'm in my raspberry chameleon at present and love it.

    1. Ahh, the raspberry is such a lovely colour! Is it the compact or the personal size? x

  3. Hurrah for a stuffed Filofax! I'd still count this as a fairly minimalist Filofax, because you've mostly added a ton of calendar pages, which can easily be popped out. I like how you've marked off the calendar with blank tabs -- there's something appealing about being able to mark time in this physical way. And, as always, I love all of the color, handwriting variation, stickers, and other deco. So lovely.

    I'm guessing that you've moved this three-ring circus to your new Osterley?

    1. Hehe, for some reason, NOT stuffing a personal to its full size seems like a waste?!

      And not yet moved into the Osterley - but will do this weekend - I'm so excited! x

  4. Love this post, and all the pics!! The aqua Chameleon is such a nice binder :)

    1. I know! It makes me want one in Spring Green and Raspberry too now :( x

  5. Can you please do a post on how you clean your laptop ? xx

    1. It's really not interesting to be its own blog post, I'm afraid! Basically, I just use a wet wipe (get the cheapest ones you can find) and just wipe it down :) That seems to work fine for mine every week x

  6. I love posts with lots of pictures! It was wonderful to see everything inside and out!


    1. Me too, it's always easier to explain things through pictures than words x

  7. Just wondering what sites you use for surveys with voucher rewards? I've been looking for ages but never know if they're legit.

    I just got my first Filofax and your blog is so inspirational!

    1. Heya, I currently only use Valued Opinions. Thank you for the kind comment :) x

  8. When EVER I see inside your Filofax it makes me Filofax Broody... You always make me want to use Personal but I can never make it work, you always make me want to make my filofax look pretty inside :)

    You are my Filofax Role Model!!! I love you and your posts! xxxx

    1. Hehe you're way too kind! I watched your Filofax videos and I love the way you've set yours up too. Hope you're gonna do another video soon :) x

  9. You totally have me convinced about my replacement Chameleon Aqua now! :D I have just won a Domino Grape on eBay as well though... :/ naughty me...