26 Oct 2012

my filofax diet: slimming into the deco

This is a scheduled post as it is my birthday today (22 years young!) and so I'll be celebrating that somehow. I took the pictures in the first week of October and luckily, not much has changed (understandable considering how small the rings are, right?).

If you haven't already, may I first direct you to this post where I showed off my new Slimline Deco from eBay. It really was a bargain as it was listed as new and this was confirmed when I received it. Anyway, with the Deco having only 11mm rings and my main Filofax (the personal Osterley) possessing 23mm rings, I had to undertake one hell of an inserts diet.

I knew that cramming 12 months worth of 'week on two page' inserts would not be possible so I would have to compromise. Having already tried slimming the inserts I carried around with me already, I knew the move wouldn't be too taxing but not having more than 6 months' worth of inserts was a bit concerning for me. As a result of this, I decided to use both side by side. My Deco will be the binder I take everywhere with me and the Osterley will be my 'stay-at-home' binder which will house the rest of the year's inserts and any other extra sections that I only used at home.

I will now run you through what is held in my Deco as I've already done a few posts on the Osterley setup. The Osterley also holds some 'information' inserts that I can transfer to the Deco if I were to go away and require them and so, my Deco really is quite lightweight. You might notice some inserts previously seen in the set up posts (one; two; three) in the following pictures.

Firstly, I transferred over the Temperley page. I quite like the design and it adds something a bit different to my Filofax. On the left, in the card slots, are notepaper sheets, my Staples reward card (fitting, eh?!), some stamps and my 16-25 railcard - as this is my 'take-everywhere' Filofax, the railcard is therefore a necessity.

Next is the personal information sheet - currently blank as I'm anticipating a change of address in the new year. And then overleaf, there is a reference sheet with train times to and from London.

After that are two sheets of lined cotton cream notepaper as due to the limited space, I opted to cut down the amount of notepaper I carted around on a daily basis.

The blog section comes next - but is a much smaller section compared to the Osterley. It only consists of two 'blogpost idea' sheets and a sheet of notepaper. After that is a mini sheet of notepaper with things I need to make either for myself or a friend.

I will inevitably need to make notes of some kind when out so I have a dedicated notes section for when I need to, quickly, flick to some blank paper. This also has my '101 in 1001 to aim for in 2013' section…

Followed by the cute picture my sister drew for me. I then have a transparent flyleaf insert, which might become a dashboard soon - but possibly not as it is movable and I might choose to use it for something that requires regular movement.

The diary inserts come next and I managed to fit in diary inserts all the way to the beginning of June 2013! You can also see an Expenses insert and after that, a survey record insert too.

The final section consists of some to-do list sheets. The first sheet has a list of inserts I plan to design, plus two sheets of 'to-do' list inserts. I used another transparent flyleaf to protect these inserts at the back.

And to round off this post, the back pocket has an Orla Kiely clothes tag and a money off voucher for Staples (which probably won't be there for much longer…!)

There you have it. It was a bit of a headache slimming down into the Deco, but it was one headache I actually quite liked having (organisational headaches are the best!).

Have any of you tried binder downsizing? How did you find it? If you haven't, would you consider it?


  1. Happy Birthday! May all your (Filofax) wishes come true ;D

    I moved from a Personal Finchley into my Slimline Holborn (13 mm rings) and love it. I decided to only carry 4 weeks worth of WO2P, and have a MO2P for further ahead planning. In addition I have 3 month worth of WO1P pages for my finances. The Holborn also holds my projects, goal planning and various lists. I think about testing the Compact format some day, but at the moment I'm very pleased.

    1. Thank you! No Filofax wishes this year as I am quite content with my collection hehe :)

      Whoa, didn't know the Slimline Holborn had 13mm rings! I'm finding the 11mm on my Slimline Deco a bit restrictive at the moment but I will persevere. You've managed to slim down the inserts you carry round quite considerably too! I definitely need to follow your lead there. I have a Compact too now but it just doesn't take my fancy as much as this Deco does :) x

  2. Happy belated birthday & hope you had a great day :)
    Yes, I've tried binder downsizing several times now. Down from A5 to personal & then to slimline... Moving down from A5 to personal was a relief as I found the bigger size just too big as my sole filo. I've just written another post for Philofaxy about my current setup.

    Love what you've done with your Deco. The one I purchased is on its way to its new owner in the US!

    1. Thank you!

      Has the post gone live yet? I don't remember reading it if it has, but if it hasn't, I look forward to reading it! Especially as you've moved into the Slimline size too. I definitely want to see more of what other Slimline users carry around with them on a daily basis as it could give me some ideas as to how to slim down further x