8 Apr 2013

my paper lovestory

I did a handwritten post back in November 2012, and I thought I would follow that up with another but this time, detailing my own paper lovestory. It's mainly just me rambling on a side of A4 about my obsession and also some other random bits. Kind of like a 'paper lovestory' but kind of not.

Either way, I hope you enjoy it. This is another sample of my handwriting - I tend to alternate between loopy/girly (usually in lecture notes and the like) and print (which you see every week in my diary) so this post gives you a chance to see my 'girly' handwriting :)

Feel free to share your own paper lovestory below :) Alternatively, I am open to hosting a guest post for a handwritten post about your own paper lovestory if you'd like. Just email me at paperlovestory @ outlook.com :)

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