28 Apr 2013

my week #54

Another plainer week - you can tell that I'm really taking this minimalism project seriously! I actually like how it turned out - neater than usual and I still stayed on top of things.

There was a bit of excitement mid-week as my mum had traded in her car for another - one that I am now insured on. I've had so much fun driving it (after three years of not driving) and now, I keep offering to give her a lift everywhere! However, I need to ensure that I don't drive more than she does as she's the 'main driver' on the car insurance policy.

Again, my week has been filled with things to do with the re-decoration we are doing right now.

How has your week been? :)


  1. You're a busy little bee with your re decorating!

    Yay for a new car! Driving everywhere gets old very very quickly lol. (I drive 2 hours to get almost everywhere. However I still love driving on road trips) enjoy it while your excitement lasts!

    1. I'm nowhere near done with the redecorating either! Got so much more to do. Hoping to get it all done before uni starts in September :-) It's keeping me busy, that's for sure!

      Driving is fun at the moment but even when I drove for a solid year before I left for uni (back in 2008-09), I still kind of enjoyed it. However, in the three years since then, I preferred being chauffeured around hehe :) I'm still not sure how I feel about driving but this new car is such a smooth and easy drive that I think I might end up enjoying it forever lol! xxx