28 Jun 2013

creating my study area

This is the final part of my room decoration: my study area. From my first post about the re-decoration, you would have seen this picture, denoting a roughly drawn room plan:

My study area isn't in the ideal place, but it isn't in the worst place either (in terms of natural light) so I'm quite happy with its positioning.

I then did another sketch...

Personally, I would have preferred the bookshelf to have been where the chest of drawers ended up being but the space just wasn't there for it. I don't see this as a big problem because this new placement means that I will have to get up from time to time to get a book or whatever and this can only be good for my health (not only is it exercise but it would also reduce the small risk of a blood clot from sitting down and studying for prolonged periods!).

Next, I needed to take into account the various bits and bobs I would need to put on my desk and other surfaces. These things included a desk lamp, laptop, MS drawer, a printer, pen pot and a desk tidy to name a few.

My plans changed slightly... Instead of having a set of drawers under the table, there is one to the right of the table. The Martha Stewart drawers are on my bookshelf (as a temporary measure) until I find a better place for them so all that is on my table at the moment is a desk tidy, pot of pens, laptop, box of tissues and desk lamp.

My printer is now under the desk on the floor. I'm still yet to discover the best place for it!

In the next picture, you'll see a desk tidy on the left - sometimes, this is moved to the drawers on the right (not seen) in order to maximise the 'blank' space for studying or working.

I will do a more thorough post on my desk in the future and this post will include the logic behind how and why the things are arranged the way they are.

My chest of drawers isn't related to my study area but the top surface holds a drawer system with various toiletries in (such as lip balms - yes I have enough for a whole drawer; make-up (minimal) and sample sachets for various things), other toiletries I am using on a daily basis, along with anything else that might not have a set place in my room (sometimes, this is a folder of notes, or my Kindle).

So, this is how my new room is arranged. I like to think that most of the things are arranged logically but I think it has been more of a case of finding an arrangement where everything fitted without looking too out of place.

And one last picture - it is kind of random but I really love how my sleeping area looks :)


  1. I sketch out a floor plan when I'm redecorating! :D I helps visualise the space and what will work instead of having to move furniture around all the time for the best look and feel.

    I used to have my printer on the floor, but it gathered too much dust. So it's now on a small cabinet on casters, which is handy as I store all the printing paper inside!

    I do love your bed cover! ^_^


    1. Seems we're quite similar then, when it comes to decorating :D I love sketching things out - it's much better than moving heavy items of furniture around to see what the best way to arrange them is.

      Yeah, I've noticed that my printer is already gathering dust!! I have no idea where else to put it as the cable isn't really long enough. Might have to investigate a creative way to hide it from collecting dust.

      The bed cover is from Tesco (believe it or not!) and was only around a tenner! Such a bargain and it's quite soft for the price too x

  2. I love your bedding! ♥ Where it's from?

    Also, I love your new blog header and look. It looks so professional.

    1. The bedding is from Tesco :) I got it back in October so I'm not sure if it's still on sale. It was around £10 at the time though and the quality is quite decent!

      Thank you :) I felt like making a new header yesterday hehe x

  3. Can you please come and organise my room? It is just a mess! I love your floor plan it has such a nice flow to it. :)

    I love how little is on your desk. I aim is to make my desk 'clutter free' one day. Hasn't happened yet.

    p.s loving your new blog header.

    1. Haha, I would love to come and help you organise your room - just pay the air fare for me and I'll be there ;)

      I love having as little on my desk as possible - a complete change from when I was a teenager and preferred to have a messy desk!

      Thank you :) I decided to make a new one yesterday and that was the result hehe x

  4. I love the way you have used the space in your room.

    One thing occurred to me looking at the plan drawing, the door to my way of thinking hinges the wrong way? If it was hinged on the right instead of the left then it would open on to the wall rather it being in the way as you try to get in to the room? Does that make sense?

    Of course there might be an obvious reason why it's hinged that way around that I've missed. It was just a thought!

    1. Thanks Steve!

      Yes, the door was one of the first things I had noted when we first moved in. I want to move the hingers to the other side but it's quite a big job apparently (that's what my mum says...!) so I'm leaving that for another day. it's not essential so I think it can wait :)

      I've been told that the door opens this way as in the past, it helps protect a woman's modesty - so if a gentleman were to rush in, it would give the woman a chance to hide her modesty. Or something like that. Not sure how true that is though! x

    2. I wouldn't suggest putting it to the test!

      It was one thing I noticed about our house back in UK, bedrooms where not very generous in size and having a door opening like that would have meant the furniture would only fine in one way round and then you would have been squeezing past the door every time and rubbing up against the wall to get in and out.

      Swapping the door around wasn't too difficult to do, less than 4 hours work I suppose.

      Clearly the French don't care about ladies modesty... all the doors open straight on to the wall!

    3. The door opening the way it does isn't such a problem - I can get in and out quite easily and with a lot of extra space too :)

      Swapping the doors would be a bit of a problem as we're planning on replacing the doors in the future - and the current doors are very, very heavy (I had to take it down to sand down the bottom when I had the laminate flooring installed). I don't mind - I actually quite like having that extra bit of privacy if, say, I'm getting changed and someone knocks on the door :) x

  5. You put me to shame!
    My room is continually a mess, I've just come to terms now that I'm not a tidy person. :( <3

    1. I used to have a messy room when I was a teenager - but things changed after I went to uni and realised I had to tidy everything myself haha. I'm sure you'll get better with time x

  6. Love this post! I always love seeing photos of your room as its always so lovely! Mega room envy from me.
    I spotted the pencil case I got you in our swap! Glad you're using it <: was worried you wouldn't like any of it!

    1. Aw thank you! Hehe, you're so silly - I loved everything! I can't bear to use the stickers and have only used two so far. They are just too cute and I dread the day when they run out :( Shame the shop closed down :( x

  7. im really so glad i stumbled upon your blog angela, its lovely and your posts are super creative and helpful :) keep it up!