12 Sept 2013

custom checklist / to-do inserts

To-do lists are fun to write, but boring to do; so I thought, why not try and make them prettier to look at? I've tried to do that and these two variations of a checklist insert are my offerings (they are printed onto cream coloured paper):

I'm offering these inserts for you to download at your leisure. Please do not re-distribute them. These inserts take time to design, scan, optimize and upload so I'd be very grateful for a donation if you have found any of my custom inserts useful :)

To download the dashed one, click here.
For the shadowed one, click here.


  1. These look so cute Angela! Really must download some when I get the time. I'm terrible at punching holes though... how do you 'make' yours? x

    1. Hi! I use a personal-sized holepunch (one of the Filofax ones) but it can only do about one or two sheets at a time. I know there is high praise for this Rapesco one so maybe give it a try? It's super cheap right now too - I'm quite tempted to get one...! x

    2. Thanks lovely! Added to my wishlist (which means I'll probably buy it by tonight...) x

  2. Ohh sooo cute! much prettier then the plain boring ones