5 Sept 2013

an updated study area: another expedit!

A few weeks' ago, I showed you all my desk and my study area, but as I was decluttering recently and re-organising the area for a more efficient workspace, it has changed slightly.

The main change is clearly not my desk as it still looks quite minimalistic:

So, not much has changed since the last time I showed you my desk...
The main difference is that the drawers on the right hand side are now gone and in its place is another Expedit bookshelf from IKEA (can you tell that I love that place?! It helped that I got this one on a discount thanks to the IKEA Family card). The open box nature of the shelves mean that this is a better solution as to where I will put my external hard drive that acts as my laptop's Time Machine. The Expedit bookshelf also provides more storage space; a good thing because I've ran out of space on my other bookshelf (yes, really - I'm failing in my quest to be a minimalist it seems).

So the top half of the bookshelf is home to stationery that I use fairly often and are arranged in a way that it is all within easy reach. For example, you can see my stapler and hole punch in the top right box, sticky notes in the bottom right and my pencil case in the top left.

Can you see the two spare shoeboxes? One is in the top right box and the other is in the bottom left box. These are for any items I may accumulate this term but can be sorted during the Christmas holidays because the items don't need instant attention.
The bottom half is messier; in the pink box are various chargers and electronically related items (e.g. batteries) and the top left box holds one half of the speakers that are connected to my iPod and also my Time Machine.

The top right is an 'open box' where I can put currently used textbooks, notebooks and folders so that they are within easy reach (barring a squat maybe).

In the bottom left box is 70gsm paper (for random notetaking, printing things that aren't important, etc), 80gsm plain paper for printing more important things and also a shoebox with some spare ruled personal-sized Filofax notepaper and record cards essential for revision.

I'm rarely fully satisfied with how my room and desk is organised because I usually believe that there is always room for improvement. However, I think this is the best way the things could be organised at this moment in time. I think I will try my best to leave it like this until the Christmas holidays and then decide if it needs a tweak (or two!).

How do you like your study area organised?


  1. Looks very smart! ♥ I need some cube shelves like this.

  2. Hello Angela, I really like your posts about desk and shelves organisation. It always reminds me my favourite Czech film about med students. There are sequences where they take lessons called How to organize a desk :). I´ve found it on youtube with an English translation in comments.
    I hope you will enjoy it.

    1. That sounds interesting! I'll check that out this weekend :-) xx

  3. Nice organised :-)